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mr buffy

BCM943602CS combo card, Bluetooth not working

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Hi All,

I purchased a BCM943602CS Wi-Fi Bluetooth card off amazon.co.uk. I have Wi-Fi working but Bluetooth is not.

If I scan for devices, none are seen. I connected a Magic Mouse 2 via USB to setup. The OS says setup was successful, but after the USB cable is disconnected, I can't connect to the mouse from the Bluetooth menu. How can I confirm it is using Bluetooth on the PCI card? These were the same issues as using Bluetooth on the ASUS Maximus VIII Formula motherboard, which is why I purchased the card.

The machine is dual boot, both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth work fine in Windows 8.1 Pro with the magic mouse 2 successfully setup.

Does anyone have any trouble shooting tips?

Cheers, Paul

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Thanks for the reply. The data is here:



Hopefully this is all you requested!

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check folder

u need only it


dont use kexts in s/l/e, etc, use Clover folder in UEFI mode

Check, if dont work back here


I tried using the attached Clover folder, but the machine reboots due to a kernal panic. A video of the boot in verbose mode is uploaded in the box.com folder noted above.


I am running 10.11.6, I notice all the kexts are in 10.12 folder, I tried renaming this to 10.11, makes no difference.


Can you clarify what you mean 'use Clover folder in UEFI mode'. I machine is UEFI based.


Cheers, Paul

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It booted after replacing the DSDT however, it still has the original problem: The mouse pairs via USB, but does not work. Can't see any other BT devices.


Cheers, Paul

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just put kexts


try it

I tried this as well as using the Kext Utility to add them to the Extensions folder. Both times the same result.


Thanks for all your suggestions thus far, any other ideas?

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Use DSDT above  DSDT.02 and add two kexts in Clover/Kexts.10.xx

attachicon.gifArquivo Comprimido.zip

Remove all kexts about bluetooth inside ur clover folder

Post Ioreg, extract with Ioreg Explorer



I finally got bluetooth working.


Turns out none of the extensions were needed... I turned off the motherboard bluetooth controller in the UEFI and viola it works!!!

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On 4/8/2017 at 6:07 AM, mr buffy said:


I finally got bluetooth working.


Turns out none of the extensions were needed... I turned off the motherboard bluetooth controller in the UEFI and viola it works!!!

I have same Wifi BT card, and a Gigabyte AORUS Z370 Gaming WIFI motherboard rev.1. I have your exact problem but I can not find the option.

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I am having same issue on my setup. @MaLd0n will your process above work for other Broadcom cards? Using a slightly different card BROADCOM BCM94352Z. 

Is there somewhere that I can read up on why it is better to put .kext files in the /others folder instead of /library/extensions like some guides say? I know that Morgonaut has said on her beginners guide that it is better to keep everything Apple Only in the /library/extensions folder but seems like many do not necessarily agree. 

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Posted (edited)

Strange thing with H370m-D3H: installed BCM943602CS, and everything works ok except phones. I can use BT mice, keyboards, magic trackpad but not my phones, simply can't see it during search. Btw, no problem when booted same PC with Windows, phones works great.  

Edited by serge sky

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      In "dfu-tool" and "dfu-util" I saw commands that extract firmware from the device. Maybe it will be possible to boot into Linux and if bluetooth starts working there, then try to extract the firmware from bluetooth with these utilities, and then add this firmware to kexts somehow.
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