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    • By Ericine
      Hi there i wanted to share my experience with the fenvi fv-t919
      order it from ali exprees 
      got it after 2 weeks 
      installed it in 10 minutes and turn on the mac and everything works 
      connected my magic mouse, matias wireless keyboard and airpods togheter and everything works perfect.
      and the most amazing part is now i have airdrop and calls from my mac in and out (airdrop needs wifi and bluetooth, calls needs only bluetooth)
      worth any dollar or in my case NIS.

      catalina 10.15.5
      opencore 0.5.9

    • By leesureone
      I've got an Asus Z390 ROG Strix Gaming i motherboard working perfectly on Catalina 10.15.4 with OpenCore 5.7. The only issue is trying to use a DW1560 wireless/ bluetooth card following the documented process of adding the four kexts. Its a supported chipset but needs to kexts to function both in Clover or OpenCore.
      Use when firmware loading is not required.
      Loads firmware into the bluetooth device and activates it. For macOS 10.10 or earlier.
      Loads firmware into the bluetooth device and activates it. For macOS 10.10-10.14.
      Loads firmware into the bluetooth device and activates it. For macOS 10.15.
      Provides firmware to BrcmPatchRAM2.
      The first kext to load after the primary ones is supposed to be BrcmBluetoothInjector.kext but that causes a failure to boot. I think the error message says the kext can't be found but its properly called out in the config.plist and it's sitting in the kexts folder. I changed wireless cards for one that is natively supported but it still is a head scratcher. Any help would be appreciated.
    • By End3rPower50
      Hi, i want install MacOS catalina in my laptop.
      i created a USB bootable with Catalina and Clover but it crashed at startup.
      Thanks in advance. 
      P.S I upload my EFI’s folder and crash screenshot
      Sorry for my bad english.
      This is my laptop: 
      CPU: intel i7 6500U 
      Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 520
      Ethernet: Realtek FE Family 
      Wireless: Dell 1820A (BCM94350ZAE)
      USB 3.0

    • By AbhilashSathe
      As shown in the image below, bluetooth works fine. However, it can't detect my wireless bluetooth earphones. These same earphones are easily detectable through Windows 10 on my machine. What could be the problem? I'm currently on 10.15.3 - Catalina. Using BrcmBluetoothInjector.kext BrcmFirmwareData.kext BrcmPatchRAM3.kext