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Windows 10 slow when booting in EFI mode through clover on BIOS machine


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In my BIOS machine laptop, I have noticed that the system is much slower when booting in EFI mode through clover. I have installed Windows 10 in EFI mode on a GPT formatted drive, this also means I cannot boot in Legacy mode (though I'm sure there is a way), but that doesn't matter, I just want to know why this is happening and ways to fix it.


After system has booted and done all post-boot procedures, I notice in task manger that System process is using up the entire disk bandwidth, the drive almost never stops reading and/or writing or seeking or whatever the System task is doing. Sometimes after a really long time after booting, the drive will calm down to little activity, but once I wake the screen (not system sleep just display sleep), the hard disk goes nuts and System task does its work. Its rather annoying and I would like to know how to fix this or at least lower it to a reasonable level. Most tasks will perform very well but when its a task that takes heavy disk usage (gaming [untested], software installs, etc.) will perform hardly at all.


I have also noticed that my available RAM is not all of it. I have 4 GB of RAM in the laptop and windows only sees 3.96 GB, and it does not say (amount) usable, it just shows 3.96 as my final amount, changing MSCONFIG settings to use all 4096 MB causes ABSOLUTE slowdown that it would take me 30 minutes to boot and 20 to log in! So I have no idea why this RAM thing is happening but removing the RAM preferences from MSCONFIG allowed the system to run normally (3.96 of system RAM to windows). 


The RAM is not much of a bother but I would like to fix the system issue. Please share any thoughts.



If this is in the wrong category or place, I do apologize, I couldn't find a category that best fit other than this one.

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