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Hi all, have a wireless network at home since 2 days. I work on my computer 99% in MacOSX (osx86). I need a USB network card for my 54mbit network. i guess a usb is handy if lateron i have a laptop or something, working from the livingroom. Now i have a belkin router and i can buy a belkin usb network dongle. I read much about it here but not quite sure if it will work a 100%. Which one do you guys recommend ?


greetz and thx in advance

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Guest bikedude880
Hi i can buy a belkin wireless usb network adapter F5D7050D.

I can pick that thing up tomorrow. Is it workin in OSX86 i need to know before i buy.



Good choice. The drivers for that work really well (though it does not show up as an airport card.) It supports WEP and WPA. I've put a link to the drivers here (assuming it is a rev4 card).


Link: http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/29964

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I got the USB G Network adapter.

BUT, when i got back home i saw that it is version 3000df.

DAMN, is that a prob. Can i still use it under MACosX ?

anyhow. I tried to update my USB-drivers on my Hackintosh and usb didn't work no more.

So that's my prob now. Can't use MacoSX! when i try f8 on boot and sudo -s or su i see no prompt he just boots mac further. my installation DVD can't find !? what to do ! tips !

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