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Screen Geometry Problems


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Hi there, another newbie just gettin the wagon...

I succesfully installed Jas10.4.8, more details below, mi priority right now is screen geometry problems,

I moved resolution to 1280x1024@60, looks nice but screen is moved to the left like 150pxels, no geometry in System Preference > display, Monitor options says BLOCKED, can somebody help with this issue please.



intel dual core D805

mobo: intel DG945nt

ram:1gb kingston, @533

1HD 80gb sata: winXP

2HD 20GB super old crappy ata drive: OSX - for testing purposes (but OS runs very nice)



notes from installation:

-Runs sweet

- screen at 1024X768 perfect fit in the Samsung SyncMaster710

- no audio and network working

- Completely F***ed up the boot thing, just boot with dvd, and haven't fix the NTLDR missing error when getting into XP

- Fix network modifying a .kext instructions found here (link later don't remember)

- no sigmatel audio, forums kinda messy to find a real solution

- USB perfect, recognize external seagate drives, usb keys, ipod shuffle1st gen, NTFS read only as it should be

- move resolution to 1280x1024@60(modifing a .kext with info found here), looks nice but screen is moved, no geometry in System Preference > display, Monitor options says BLOCKED

- haven't test dvd liteOn for burning, reads ok

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