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Trying to enable Night Shift on unsupported macs

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we don't know when the target framework has been loaded.

True, they are loaded after kernel entry (kexts are always loaded to RAM pre-entry). There might be a way to patch the kernel code that loads the frameworks with an interception call (save context, do stuff, restore context and return) and grab the required addresses from stack/register (whereever they are saved), though I'm not sure how one would approach that.


Patching kernelcache is very different. Because the RAM for kernelcache must be released by boot.efi and at that time Clover will patch the RAM for kernelcache.

No clue what you are trying to say... UEFI offers no kind of memory protection (segmentation is off, paging is optional, but virtual mode will only be invoked after the booter exits BootServices, though still it's the XNU kernel that virtualizes later, because booter-side it makes little sense). You can access all memory at all times (might be MM memory is protected, though I guess that is platform-specific - it is not 'indexed' at least).


Actually Clover will do nothing (have no ability to do) when boot.efi loads, or we can say after that.

Check AptioFix, Clover (well, AptioFix in that case) does stuff even on kernel entry, throughout boot.efi execution


Too many people thinking and not doing has become the 'norm'


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I use a HD7750 ATI and a iMac14,2 smbios. As far as I understand, night shift should appear in monitor settings then, but it doesn't...


How to make it work here?

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This section it's only for Apple Machines, not Hackintosh.


You can search if already exists a topic talking about that, and post on it.

If not, open a topic here: Post-Installation


And choose the correct OS X version.

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