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Processor Performance option and battery life on laptops


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OK... I was fooling around with this option wich can be found under System Preferneces/Energy Saver/Options


I tried all three options: Automatic/Highest/Reduced and I also benchmarked all three settings with Xbench


And results on IBM T42 are:


Automatic: 41.22

Highest: 46.15

Reduced: 35.43


I also noticed that my battery life is much better with Automatic setting: 3h10m (with Highest, battery dies after 2h), I haven't tested battery life using Reduced performance. Laptop is also much cooler when running on Automatic setting.

It is also worth mentioning that this option showed up after I installed OS X from patched DVD... when I was using DD'ed image from VM Ware this option wasn't available.


Laptop users try this out... it might solve high battery consumption on your laptops...

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