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Intel HD 2500 Desktop PC

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hello guys i have a PC with this specs,


Mobo Asrocl H61M-VG3 

Processor Intel Celeron G1610

8GB of Ram

2 HDD od 500GB each.


i install el capitan with clover everything works like a charm but the video... if i Boot with this clover flags;


kext-dev-mode=1 rootless=0 IGPEnabler -v 


and under Graphics Menu i inject intel and in fake id i put 0x01660000 

when system boot in about this mac it shows this 




only 1 resolution i have 1280x1024 and my native resolution is 1920x1080 in about his mac it shows 5MB of graphics...


i Dont know if i post this in the right place, but please help me... i use mac system only for iOS development and its really laggy.. 


THANKS IN ADVANCE!! have a nice day/night

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