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Sound Modes

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I use a P5P800 mobo which has AC97 sound with 3 audio ports in the back. These audio ports had modes. In 5.1 mode one port would be front sound, one back, and one bass. In 4 channel mode one is front sound, one is back, and one is mic. Finally in 2 channel one was line in, one was speaker/headphone out, and one was mic. It seems that with the AC97 drivers floating around here it defaults to 5.1 and i can not use my mic. Can anyone tell me how to change the "mode" or where i can find drivers that give me at least headphone output and mic input?


BTW I am using 10.4.6 and i have had no problems setting up anything with the exception of wanting to use my mic.


Thanks in advance for any leads you can give me.

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