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Anyone know how to use two wireless connections

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In my house i can recieve my neighbours wireless internet connection

and my own one

[i know it's not legal lol]

and everytime i download a large file it[i use bit torrent] obviously slows my internet way down

do you know if its possible to use two wireless connections at the same time

say to use my connection to download the file and my neighbours for general web browsing

and IM use?

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yea... the best way (you need a wireless card for each connection) is to have the two, connect to the two separate connections, then bridge the two, so you share workload and then you have basically doubled your internet's speed, but its not at all nice for your neighbor (im not going to comment on that, your choice... i feel bad for your neighbor tho....)




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Don't worry, i know for a fact you're not my neighbour...

she's not a very nice woman and this is my way of getting back at her...

how would i go about doing that 'bwhsh8r' ???


oh and im on an imac core duo...



well, idk, i know for windows you just right click the two internet connections and tell them to bridge.... and you cant do it without a second wireless card.

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