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How to choose the correct mobile platform app development?

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To choose the right mobile app development, you need to do your market research first. Make a list of the top skilled developers and tell them your app development requirements. You must go for mobile app development services that fully understand your needs and requirements.

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    • By Isptn
      Hi I am newbie to Mac development and currently trying to get info whether a display is captured, I found such info in doc: CGDisplayIsCaptured(_:).
      But this one is deprecated. How can I find out whether a display is captured in other way?
      The goal is: The app should be visible only for user not for those, who see shared screen. So II need to blur the app on screen capture or send notification to user that screen is currently capturing, so I need to know which event cold notify me about that.
    • By DahenECE
      Hello guys! 
      I’m fresher at MacOS!
      while i came to mac and Hackintosh I become interested into making app development for MacOs and also IOS!
      for me making app for IOS is something clear! And already developed some bacis apps!
      but i now i love to learn about making gui app for mac!
      i’m at Basic!
      i hope someone help me to show the correct way or path to follow and start learning and making app for mac!
      i know at first nothing is easy especially GUI app!
      but right  now i have no idea about it
      so i hope someone help me to show me what programming language can be used to make gui app for mac?, what ide should i use? 
      Note: i have already studied and learned 
      cpp,c,c#,assembly,matlab,basic pythoN,basic swift....
      just need a guide how to start and where to start!
      i know it depends on what i want to make!
      but everything have some basic idea! So I would love to someone show me the path!
      thank you so much!!!!!