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Please nVidia Webdriver Sierra 10.12.1 Beta 3 Build 16B2338c

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Hello friends.


I installed the Sierra beta3 16B2338c.


What nVidia Webdriver do I need to use?


The driver 367.10.10.05b01 does not go.


I made an error! Updated to 10.12.1 Beta 3 and nVidia Web Driver is incompatible!


My Friend have an Strix GTX 950 nVidia Card.


thank you for the information

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Thanks for the hints .. I have tried everything, as synonymous in the other threads described, synonymous to normal macOS 10.12. GM3 the nVidia drivers to install,

simply does not go with the Strix GTX950. I have tried it with the last available driver.


After the successful installation, the board MSI Z77 with the GTX 950 with Clover 3716 boosted up to half, then when the nVidia graphics should be switched,

only a short blue image comes on the monitor, then "no signal" comes.


At Yosemite and El Capitan everything without problems and ok.


I suspect a problem with this Strix GTX950 card, under macOS Sierra.

Has anyone the same card here under Sierra? Is there also problems or is it with me a single case?


Times wait until the macOS 10.12.1 Final then comes out and the associated driver, whether it is then what.

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I have Gigabyte GeForce GTX 960 OC 4GB, I edited the NVDAStartupWeb.kext info.plist manually as well as through Nvidia WebUpdater, both failed.

We have to wait for the official web driver from Nvidia. I repaired permission and updated cache before restart. Maybe need to change SMBIOS? 

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Phil511.... Yes help only for Beta3 + 4 waiting to 10.12.1 Final and Hope coms a nVidiawebdriver from nVidia direct.

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Hi Guys,


The Nvidia Web driver for 10.12.1 (16B2555) is finally out. I was at 10.12.1 Beta 4 (16B2338c) and I had to upgrade it to 10.12.1. In my case it's takes perseverance and click open Apple AppStore upgrade.

There were two simultaneous upgrades showing up under upgrade in my case (10.12.1 & 10.12.1 Beta 5). I found out by clicking more under 10.12.1 Beta 5 update. I saw 10.12.1 update under 10.12.1 Beta 5 update, I selected 10.12.1 because there is no way in hell I will touch that 10.12.1 Beta 5. It took me 3 times to get it right. After successfully updated from 10.12.1 Beta 4 (16B2338c) to 10.12.1 (16B2555),  Nvidia web driver update manager popped out and say driver update available. I click install, restart and everything back to normal. Dual monitors with correct resolution scaling.

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