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Port Forwarding

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Hello, Well I'm posting this for the simple fact that I can't get my ports open. I've tried several guides, tech support, and I just can't get things working. Here a few pictures that should give some information so some of you could possibly help me. The 1st picture is my Mac wireless info, the computer I'm mainly after to get its ports open.




Below is my router information. As you can see I've tried many different options, none of which seem to have worked.




Through a guide I believe i succsesfuly set up a static IP on my wired computer (not my mac and dont really care about the ports there). I'll provide some screenshots of that machine later. As for now does anyone hve any suggestions? Thanks a lot, kevin



Also, here's the window when I change it to the static settings. Nothing wireless works after that so I never use that setting. I just leave it on DHCP.



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