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Two Clover installs both sharing same config file

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Been having a problem trying to maintain two separate Osx 11.6 installs on two separate disks with their own Clover bootloaders. The problem is Clover will default to loading the config and kext details from first drive no matter what drive I select in bios. I've got an old Asus P8Z68 Deluxe board and managed to get an UEFi mapping to the first drive using bcfg within a special ShellX64 I found recommended for older UEFI implementations such that I not only have the standard non-uefi boot option in bios for both drives, I also have an UEFI option in the bios F8 boot menu. Only thing is I have been unable to map to the second drive as it remains hidden after directly loading the ShellX64 straight from Bios and that Map -r does not see it!


To make matters worse the Clover UEFI menu, (besides not having a working mouse and low res), also does not display the second OSX containing drive unless i reboot in the standard efi mode where the mouse will be working at least and the resolution full sized. So not sure what exactly is going on. If anyone can help.


My guess is the Uefi version of the board is too old. I would be happy with a single drive setup honestly but always liked having a duplicate instead anything ever went wrong.





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Yes. As long as I load Clover in Uefi mode it will not exhibit this behavior. Though you will lose mouse support. I even went as far as creating custom Uefi boot entries. Otherwise Clover will load the config plist file from whatever drive it feels fit. Worth setting up custom themes for each drive so you know it's loading the right drive.

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I am using UEFI and yes I don't have mouse support, despite it is enabled in config.plist

Basically I am chain loading Clover from Grub.

And what if I have two Clover installations on same EFI partition ?

one located in /EFI/Clover and second in /EFI/Other.

When I chain load the Clover located in /EFI/Other, it always loads the config.plist from the /EFI/Clover path. 

Is there any way to make Clover use any other path ?

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