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End-to-End Encryption SDK - launch partner programme

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Dear all,


I wanted to invite members of this forum to join our launch partners programme for our end-to-end encryption SDK

Benefits of joining the programme:


  • No cost at all when app is still in developement.
  • First cost from you to Qredo will start to be billed after app is launched (after we understand more about your app we will be able to offer you exact % discount amounts). Our lowest monthly plan starts at $7 but we would discount this for you). 
  • Ongoing support from our in house developers and crypto experts (it will be almost like you gaining a new team member for free)
  • Post app launch we will offer you troubleshooting support
  • Marketing support - to make sure that your app is getting downloads (App Store SEO as well as we will spend some of our money and run advertising campaigns via Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords etc. to promote you app and increase number of your users).
If you are interested in using Qredo please register to access our console here, you will be able to start using for Free straight away.
and share your username with me *via PM so that we can amend your free allowance. And after the discount is agreed we will be able to apply it to your account. 



You can read more about Qredo and see API examples here:

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