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Kernel Panic (Network) on first boot after install

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Upgraded to MacOS Sierra GM from the latest El Capitan.

Installation went fine. I have a GA-H87N-WIFI mainboard with a Intel HD4600 videochip. I use the BCM94352HMB chip for Bluetooth & Wifi. 

Using the latest Clover with a DSDT and SDST. Never had any problems like this before.


When I try to boot in Sierra, I get a weird kernel panic about my network kexts.


com.insanelymac.ALXEthernet  (don't know what this is)




I use the BCM94352HMB for my Bluetooth & Wifi. Patched them in El Capitan and they worked fine. Read something about problems and already applied the provided find/replace fix from that topic. The Kernel Panic didn't go away though.


Tried to boot with No Kernel Cache, Safe-mode, Single user mode, no-DSDT etc. The KP will not go away :(


In the attachment my screenshot where you can see the error(s).


Hope someone can help me!






EDIT: Already fixed! Simply removed the ALXEthernet.kext and I got in. Already fixed the Wifi, so now I only need to fix the sound and I'm good to go :)

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I'm running into the same issue. Could you show me how to "removed the ALXEthernet.kext"? Where can the ALXEthernet.kext be found? Thanks.


EDIT: found it in [Old Mac OS installed Volume]/S/L/E. I was looking in the wrong places earlier. 

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