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Need Help on new Hackintosh purchase

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I need some help in buying the core components of a new system. I dont want to pay $700 for a core solo mini (what is still being sold where I live) and I am still trying to get a friend to help me get a Apple Refurb Mini (core duo) for $649. In the meantime I will try to see if I can piece one together. Being that I have very limited funds, I cannot really afford mistakes. So if I can get solid advice on what is most likely to work with limited headaches, it would be really appreciated!!!!


Here are the computers Tasks:

1. Web Server(s) for development of PHP & Rails sites (my work)

2. Subversion (my work)

3. IMAP Mail server (to use fetchmail)

4. iTunes Library (I have about 1TB of music spread across 5 IDE drives. I will use 1 SATA drive that i have for the boot drive and eventually upgrade to other SATA drives that have higher capacity with the goal of having 2 - 3TB of storage).

5. Movie/DVD playback - To play movies on the Television. (A requirement since this is how I got wife approval :blink: )

6. FTP/File server so I can back up my two Apple notebooks as well as keep them in sync.


Note: The computer does not need to be hooked up to a monitor... only the tv for viewing movies. However I am not sure if any of the S-Video out work on OS X.


Net access needs to be wireless as well as Lan and would prefer to keep 1ghz speeds.


I would very much like to also have Bluetooth, but I dont think that will be a problem as I can always get a dongle and I know in the PC world.... bluetooth on board is not there.


The more I can get onto a single motherboard... the happier i will be. In essence, I would love it if all I had to buy was a motherboard, ram, and cpu.


Once again, thanks for anyone who can help out, give opinions, and/or speak up otherwise.

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you could easily build a box with a 945g chipset, a pentium d 805, and ram depends on how much u want. i would say 2 gig for a server. With all of that you could just pop os x server on there and would get everything cept probably tv out.


why dont you just buy a divx dvd player for the tv

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