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Pavillon Dv8000 Install report


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Hallo to everybody,

yesterday completed the installation of 10.4.7 Jas version on my HP Pavillon Dv8000.


Start up very quickly but the system appear affect of a strange "timeout" .

Now I explain: as soon as the mouse is moving, the disk continue his job and I can ear rotating. As soon as I stop mouse, the disk stop, mouse cursor disappear and the system appear as freeze. :D

When I scroll mouse, after 1-2 second the disk restart and I can navigate into the finder.

However after max 10 second everything turn to "freeze" again altought mouse is dancing...


Anyone can help me?

Computer mount Intel Sata controller.


Moreover there are other minor inconvenient, i will fix as soon as I can use continuatively my Hackintosh.


Any halp will be appreciate.

Thank you.



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I have somewhat of the same problem. When I install, it installs for a bit then freezes. Ive gotten it to install completely, but after many tries. It only seems to be like that when it is hot or has been running for long periods. Atleast thats my experience.

When I installed completely, it works great. Im just looking for a driver for the Graphics Card. So for me it works best when I install off an external drive. Thats what I did and it worked fine.

Wish you luck,


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