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hepl patch dsdt fix sleep and shutdown on mac 10.11.x

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Hi Arthur,


Have not used your DSDT yet.


Could you kindly tell me what patches you used?


Thank you so much.


I had a long battle with getting stable.


I had switched to clover and my display went nuts.  I finally found a boot glitch fix.


With Enoch I had App Store.  Because Ethernetbuiltin

but with Clover I had to use Fix_Lan to none.  this took me a few days to find.


I've been trying very hard to get this to shutdown with power off method.  No luck.



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Hi Artur,


I used your DSDT  to boot.  But couldn't  get passed AppleLPC it was going well and it hung.  I have to debug to let you know when I get some time to look it over.


I noticed some changes, EHC1 to EH01, IDE0 and IDE1 changed to Sata.  Rename of GFX0 to IGPU.  

What else do you need to get this working from me?


Thank you,


Clean DSDT using F4 on Clover Boot screen.


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