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Can't boot into OSX


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I had an almost perfect dual-boot of OSX and WinXP on the same partition. Everything worked great (including my broadcom wireless, with some tweaking), except sound. I went around the forums and I found a guy that said he fixed his soundmax kexts by deleting a few audio kexts (I can't remember exactly which ones), restarting, copying over the same ones from the darwin iso, rebooting again > then all should be well.

So I logged in as root and proceeded to delete about 4 of my kexts. After restarting, OSX froze on boot up. After a few more tries, I immediately got a message with a big power button in the background telling me to reboot.

I would reinstall, but that would mean destroying everything I have (I've been using Word in OSX for a few of my papers)... since it won't let me copy a new system folder over my existing install.

Basically what I need to do is put these kext back where they belong, but I can't seem to figure out how to read my Hfs partition outside of OSX. I've tried using MacDrive, nothing happens. I'm tried using TransMac, it doesn't see the partition. I've tried mounting the partition using the install disk, nothing happens. I've tried repairing the partition with the install disk, I didn't really expect anything to happen with that, but I gave it a shot, and sadly, I was right.

Is there any way to read this effing partition any where? Is there a linux distro that will read it? Is there a windows app that I can use? Is there a way to get it to mount in the OSX install so I can use terminal to copy the files?


I just need something.

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