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Sentelic Trackpad Issues

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I recently installed OS X 10.11.6 on my Vizio CT14-A0 (Specs in sig). One of the only remaining things to fix is the glitchy Sentelic trackpad. It was absolutely awful to begin with, but it's outright unusable on OS X.


I'm using the latest version of RehabMan's VoodooPS2Controller.kext.The trackpad freaks out if I have more than one finger on it (like if I click and drag a folder or try to scroll on a webpage). Occasionally while I'm typing the cursor will go flying around to a random place and I'll start typing in a random location.


If possible I'd like to get multitouch gestures working, but from what I see that seems rather unrealistic. I'd at least like to use basic functionality like two finger scrolling, and click and drag. Right now, the mouse moves, clicks (tap to click works), and right click works. That's it.


If I had the C++ and OS X development knowledge,I'd be working on this already. Oh well. Hopefully I don't have to hire a kext developer, but I'm more than willing to at this point icon_e_sad.gif


Attached is my IOReg. Any help is appreciated. Thanks smile.png



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