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10.4.7 Installation Help


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[XII] Basic Installation/Upgrade:



1. Mount ISO in Daemon Tools.

2. Create a virtual machine with the aforementioned configuration.

3. Start the machine and boot from CD-ROM. (Press ESC at POST.)

4. Run OS X installation in verbose mode. (F8 then "-v" at Darwin.)




When I get to the step that i bolded, I get an error.


System config file '/com.apple.Boot.plist' not found


I am using the ISO Repack from Demonoid (Posted By Bezeek if you are Looking)


I am not sure if I missed something, or if I read wrong and I am not compatible.


System Specs:

Graphics Card: nVidia 6800

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 650 (SSE2, SSE3)



Running in VMWare, disc mounted with Alcohol on Drive G:; Need to know anything else, and I am right here.


I just want to thank JaS for releasing this, and hopefully answering :)

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