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Nvidia Web Driver updates for macOS Sierra (UPDATE January 24, 2019)

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After many, MANY, tests, I can't get my GTX 1060 to work on 16G1815 with this last Web Driver update. (I have two of these 1060s on my disposal)

When booting with nv-disable=0, the system will not.. "finish" to boot. In verbose mode, I'm having all the usual lines 'till the last, and nothing happening next.


The frustrating part is, my GTX 970 work perfectly fine !
With absolutely the same settings (just have to unplug the 1060, plug the 970, and go)

Even with two GTX 970, I can have 6 independent displays working (professional needs of that many screens...)


Everyone of these 4 GPUs (1060s and 970s) are from MSI, Gaming X version.


If someone has any idea of a little tip, something I could have missed, or good topic to post on...





MB : MSI Z97 Gaming 5
CPU : i7 4790k
Webdriver : f13, installed/re-installed many times, with or without the GPU plugged in, with or without the driver "EmuVariableUefi-64"

Drivers : OsxAptioFix2 + EmuVariable

Kexts : Lilu + Whatevergreen , both up to date

SIP off (0x67)
"NvidiaWeb" activated in CloverConfigurator
Clover up to date

I can not manage to install HighSierra either on this config, which is another problem I need to deal with, but can be the solution...


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^^^^Some models of the GTX 1060 have trouble on a Mac.  The GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 seem to be OK.  I am running a Gigabyte GTX1080 in HS. I recommend another GPU.




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    • By mikmavros
      Thanks for accepting
      I recently installed Sierra  and I encounter the following problem ... When I restart or I start up my machine return to BIOS. If anyone knows and can any help be valuable Thank you very much. (When I boot from a Capitan disk in the same machine all  is running well.) Both discs with Clover in Legacy mode.
      gigabyte z68x-ud5-b3 F8
      I7 2600K
      GT 620 ( την βλέπει κανονικά χωρίς Web drivers)
      16 GB ddr3 1600 

    • By Slice
      I successfully installed macOS 10.11.6 and Windows 7 Pro SP1 in UEFI mode on the laptop.
      I know, there are detailed guides here and on osxlatitude.com but I was not agree with them and carefully check and test every step to tune my Mac.
      Intel® Core� i5-3320M CPU @ 2.60GHz, speedstep works with Clover default settings
      Chipset Intel 7 series, no patches needed
      Video: IntelHD4000 or NVS5200M switchable in BIOS, work in both cases
      LAN; Intel 82579LM, works with IntelMausiEthernet.kext v2.2.1
      Audio: IDT 92HD93BXX, works with VoodooHDA 2.9.0.
      SDHC reader O2Micro; works with native AppleSDHC.kext with Clover Arbitrary properties.
      USB3.0 works natively if not disabled in DSDT
      PS2 keyboard and touchpad works with VoodooPS2.
      WiFi: Dell Intel WiFi was replaced by Dell DW1520, Broadcom BCM943224HMS. DeviceID=4353
      LCD Screen 1366x768
      BIOS A12. Initially was A02. Then I flashed A23 and found it is quite bad. The screen is full of artefacts. Flash A12 and all is OK. Not tested other versions.
      For some reason BIOS can switched from Intel to Nvidia by itself so I have to do my solution working independent on this state.
      It is not working OOB although it has DeviceID known to Apple. The reason is WhiteList in the driver.
      I set MacModel as MacBookPro10,1 while the WiFi will work on MacBookAir. I make a patch in Clover.
      As well a patch for channels.
      I deleted a kext Brcm4331 because it has the same DeviceID. Let kext Brcm4360 to work alone.
      In Bios we can set Optimus = Enable/Disable
      If Enable then we have two videocards Intel first and Nvidia second. In this case additional SSDT-3.aml will switch off Nvidia.
      If Disable then we have only Nvidia card. It will work if Board-ID taken from iMac13,2.
      But here there is contradiction with WiFi with required Board-ID from MacBookAir.
      So I take MacModel as MacBookPro10,1 which is most close by CPU IvyBridge.
      Set BoardID like iMac13,2 to make Nvidia working.
      Patch BoardID in Brcm4360 to make WiFi working.
      Now I have
      and SSDT-3.aml in ACPI\patched folder. This SSDT will switch off Nvidia if Intel card ON.
      For Intel graphics there is a patch against 8 apples at start.
      No special kexts.
      The brightness controlled by keys F1,F2 and slider in Control Panel in both case Intel or Nvidia. Details here  #72 
      DSDT and SSDT
      This is very long story and finally I have working sleep in both cases Intel or Nvidia.
      I use my HWSensors3 with FakeSMC 3.5.0.
      I got monitoring:
      CPU temperature
      GPU temperature
      GPU main frequency
      GPU shader frequency
      Battery state % full, time to charged or time to empty.
      Battery voltage dinamically.
      Battery amperage dynamically. I can see it changes on heavy games.
      HDD temperature.

      I like VoodooHDA and have no problems with it.
      The sound is clear, loud, and switchable between internal speaker and headphone.
      Mic is working.
      Just tested with BTFirmwareUpdate.kext and it works in 10.11.6. I not needed it so switched off by wireless switch at right side.
      For 10.13.6 there is other kext BRCMInjector.
      Keyboard, Touchpad and Touchstick
      Post #14
      My config, ACPI files and kexts are in attachment.
      Better DSDT in the post #6.
      Sleep working even when AC inserted.
      EDITED 06.12.2018
      Now I have HighSierra and this is my EFI folder

      Welcome to discussion!
    • By DiddyKong
      Fully optimizing DSDT & SSDT for OS X Sierra POST INSTALL on a Dell345MT with a i7 - 920(first gen) 
      I have scoured the web, went to insanelymac chat on discord, no one replies to me but will reply to others, idk if my question is too advanced or too easy. 
      I know how this forum feels about 3rd party software, but that was just a crutch, I'm 100% vanilla now which is why I'm now posting for help because I eliminated the possibility having to do with 3rd party. Anyways, with that said I just have a couple things I want to be sure of.
      I used a n---bistro to get a App Store copy of Sierra, as I didn't know there were other ways of getting it now from a windows10 machine. anyways, I was able to build a vanilla usb. I couldn't figure the EFI out on my vanilla Sierra-usb, but the EFI on the usb-ni---bistro I had would boot my pre-install and post-install. so I was able to install Sierra. After a few days of figuring out how to remake a EFI and config, I broke my EFI.
      So back to my windows10 SSD and I found BootDiskUtility, and that made a EFI usb with the newest version of clover(r4895). So then swapped SSDs back to my OS X, plugged in the BDU-usb, after trial and error I got back into my Sierra. Now with the newest version of clover and no traces of ni---bistro anymore. Then copied the BDU-usb to my SSD EFI and was able to boot without a usb again!! YAY.
      Then starting working on fixing my web drivers for my gtx 1050 2gb. Installed the os update so i'm at 10.12.6, pulled my hair out figuring out the web drivers, eventually got them installed and the cuda fixed.
      Now all 3 of my screens work, yet windows can't sit 'between' screens, I just simply haven't looked for that fix yet as I want the sys itself running like a top first.
      My screen saver works, I don't get stuck in screensaver, I did once before, I believe lilu.kext and whatevergreen.kext fixed that.
      Now with all that I felt it was time to give my config.plist a diet cos it was bloated, I generated a config copied the clover settings check for check instead of coping text cos I'm trying to shrink it.
      Config.plist boots my system with DSDT-1FE7B5D7
      So that last thing on the list of optimizing I feel would be a 100% correct DSDT and SSDT cos then I could use a blank config.plist with my patched DSDT & SSDT correct
      but with the patching part that I think I understand how to do it now, but when I extract with F4 every file has RSDT in front of it, I have one that says RSDP.aml and RSDT.aml
      so would I just erase the RSDT from the beginning of each file then go from their, which would then leave me with a DSDT.aml and 17 SSDTs
      so if thats correct I would then decompile with iasl patch and compile and put the patched files into EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/Patched/
      also how do I know if everything is patched correctly? like if my CPU is fully working and not just sorta working that way when I start running software like photoshop, unity, 10 chrome tabs, my hackintosh doesn't crash
      Thanks to anyone that can help me out, I've been working on my system for about two weeks and this is basically the wall I finally can't seem to figure out how to pass

    • By Badruzeus
      "The all-new 2019 version of the graphic design software suite is compatible with not only Windows but also Mac, complete with support for Dark Mode on macOS Mojave and the Touch Bar on the latest MacBook Pro models, providing quick access to layout settings, text controls, and more." ~ macrumors
      More details: https://www.coreldraw.com/en/product/coreldraw/mac/
    • By fantomas1
      Hi InsanelyMacaliens    
      Use this thread to link / talk about of the future Nvidia Web Driver updates for macOS High Sierra.
      Nvidia Web Driver - 387. --> build 17G5019 (thanks to TimeLord04)  New!
      Nvidia Web Driver - 387. --> build 17G5019 (thanks to ReddestDream)
      Nvidia Web Driver - 387. --> build 17G4015 (thanks to flowrider)
      Nvidia Web Driver - 387. --> build 17G3025 (check here)
      Nvidia Web Driver - 387. --> build 17G2307 (thanks to marcozardi)
      Nvidia Web Driver - 387. --> build 17G65 (thanks to sl0wtarget)
      Nvidia Web Driver - 387. --> build 17F77 (check here)
      Nvidia Web Driver - 387. --> build 17E202 (check here)
      Nvidia Web Driver - 387. --> build 17E199 (thanks to BreBo)
      Nvidia Web Driver - 387. --> build 17E199 (thanks to ricoc90)
      Nvidia Web Driver - 387. --> build 17D102 (thanks to Cyberdevs)
      Nvidia Web Driver - 387. --> build 17D2102 (thanks to Cyberdevs)
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      Nvidia Web Driver - 387. --> build 17D2047 (thanks to cyberdevs)
      Nvidia Web Driver - 387. --> build 17D47 (thanks to darthsian) 
      Nvidia Web Driver - 378. --> build 17C2205 (thanks to KGP-X99)
      Nvidia Web Driver - 378. --> build 17C2120 (see this post)
      Nvidia Web Driver - 378. --> build 17C205 (thanks to ReddestDream)
      Nvidia Web Driver - 378. --> build 17C89 (thanks to Il Francy MacPc) 
      Nvidia Web Driver - 378. --> build 17C88 (thanks to piiggggg)
      Nvidia Web Driver - 378. --> build 17B1003 (see this post)
      Nvidia Web Driver - 378. --> build 17B1002 (thanks to BreBo)
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      Nvidia Web Driver - 378. --> build 17A405 (thanks to Asgorath)
      Nvidia Web Driver - 378. --> build 17A405 (thanks to phi777)
      Nvidia Web Driver - 378. --> build 17A405 (thanks to phi777)
      Nvidia Web Driver - 378. --> build 17A365 (thanks to Asgorath).