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The native version of Grand Theft Auto III is coming to Mac

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I found this article on one of the websites about games for Linux:

"I love open source! OpenRW joins the ranks of game engines like OpenMW (Morrowind), OpenRA (Command & Conquer, Red Alert) CorsixTH (Theme Hospital), OpenXcom (X-COM: UFO Defense) and many more.

It's early days for the project, but I have high hopes that it will join the ranks of many other playable and open source game engines.

Like other the other open source game engines it will require a legal copy of the games data files to run and it's completely unofficial.

Hopefully more developers interested in having it on Linux will join in on the effort, would be pretty awesome to have it on Linux. I remember when it first came to PC and my little unit couldn't handle it!


Find OpenRW on github. It's licensed under the GPL."


Yesterday, programmers decided to create the Mac version of openrw:





You can find more information about the compilation process on a Mac:

"Mac users should install Xcode and those packages from Homebrew:
brew install boost bullet glm mad sfml"


I use the Steam version of this game, and here is my file openrw.ini which is located in this catalog  /Users/gbudny/Library/Preferences/OpenRW/:

path=/Users/gbudny/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/grand theft auto 3/Grand Theft Auto 3.app/Contents/Resources/transgaming/c_drive/Program Files/Rockstar Games/GTAIII    ; Game data path

invert_y=0 ; Invert camera Y


Did you try to run this game on a Mac?

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Because the "Mac" version is just a Cider-wrapped copy of the Windows one (as you can see from the path to the game data posted by gbudny).


So at least OpenRW will run it natively and not via emulation.

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