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OS X El Capitan 10.11.5 is out

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Not OK.

With this update IntelHD3000 begins to work better then before, I got dual monitor working. One on Radeon graphics and second on builtin IntelHD3000 on VGA output as never before.

But there is a caveat. iTunes trailers are not shown now. Removing the VA bundle is not help as before. Removing all Intel kext make trailers work but the system will not sleep.

I seems have to revise a problem about Radeon wake. Probably there is a news here.

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Anyone update 11.4 on Vmware Workstation? I tried it and it seems to work but after the reboot, the progress bar gets about 3/4 the way it scrambles the apple logo (see a row of them across the top of the screen, with only 5 6 lines each) and seems to freeze?  Think we need another unlocker? I'm using Vmware 12.1.1 and it was working great with 11.4



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Funny, the update disappeared from my SWu... Had to change channel to regular updates, as it seems no longer available in beta channel.

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