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Torrent Issue

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Hi all guys i have a problem only with torrent files....let me explain.....i have a Wester Digital 1 terabyte and i have 900 gb free....when i try to download something big my hard disk shut down for a moment and spins up again but my hackintosh freeze...and i cannot do anything even if i force quit it does not work...i saw on the net that the caches of the hdd is the problem but on mac torrent is different from windows and  cannot set the override and that type of settings....i also saw that when i download some file and click on the "speed" tab it say for example 23 mb of 0 cache writing....ZERO??? how can i fix that?? let me know what hd you have and what is your experience thank you 

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Micky are you sure?? i was surfing on the net and i read that these freezes are by the lan...e2200 i saw Intel gigabyte gaming 3 has killer lan too and they changed the kext..but i'm on amd so idk what to do :(....now these freezes are randomly sometimes i open chrome and i hear my hdd shutting down and then spin up but all freeze....

Micky are you sure??

No offcourse, but don't have any other advice other than disable the LAN in bios and use the WIFI...

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