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    • By blackeaglece
      Ciao a tutti ho visto che ci sta un aggiornamento, il 10.14.1 e vorrei un consiglio, posso fare l'aggiornamento tranquillamente o creo un casino?
      Ciao e grazie
    • By Ssking
      i am ssking....
      Now i am using
      Asus n43jf laptop
      1st generation core i 5 460m
      4gb ddr 3 ram
      500 gb harddisk
      Intel  graphics 1650 mb and Nvidia geforce gt 425m 1gb ddr3
      now i am using yosemite 10.10.5 nicely
      but how to disable intel gpu and use nvidia 425m 1gb gpu?
      Is there any way to use nvidia gpu from my dual graphics laptop?
    • By grumpycat1984
      I am doing it under Sierra via VM and system refuses to do this (install to apps), also there is no ption to "buy" El Capitan from store.
      If someone give me advice how to make it run I will be very glad.
    • By kosakgroove
      Hello forum! I come asking for help.

      I am a programming student and am currently learning Java and Swift, including MySQL and HTML & CSS and some others, so it really is important to have a working stable build.
      I have achieved this!
      Am currently rocking my Gigabyte EP45 UD3LR with a beautifully working DSDT, with everything working, except sleep.
      My computer successfully sleeps, but reboots soon after waking from sleep. I am quite sure I have achieved Native CPU power management, since all required kexts are loaded, here are my specs anyway

      Intel Core Q6600
      Nvidia Geforce 210
      BCM94360CD with adapter
      6GB RAM

      I dont know what I can do anymore to fix the sleep reboot problem. Any help apreciated.
      Here is my current EFI
      Thanks so much for this beautiful forum we all came to love