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hdmi audio intel 4400

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What _DSM method of device HDAU would that be? I looked at the code of the SSDT-10 table found in the ACPI/patched folder you posted and there was no such method. Hence the patch I added. Use the revised SSDT-10 I posted.


Your FakePCIID kexts are wrong, you've mixed older and newer versions, clearly you did not know what each kext was doing. Remove all 5 x current kexts, download Rehabmans's latest FakePCIID package (I posted the link) and re-install only those 3 x kexts I've listed. You can of course add FakePCIID_XHCIMux as 4th kext if you have a USB3 controller which also supports USB2 (very common on Haswell platforms).


Erm... your audio codec is ALC233 !!! Good if you have audio working through AppleHDA, HDMI audio should then work too. Your Clover HDMI patch appears 100% correct. I'm just a little surprised that all you have in terms of AppleHDA patch is a single line. We'll see to that later if needed.


Remove those KernelLapic + Asus AICPUPM patches; they're of no use on your Haswell platform.


NB: Please don't quote entire posts your directly reply to. Yeurk! If you want a conversation, there's a PM or Chat facility on this forum...

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1. Okay, i will use your revision and remove my SSDT-10


2. Can you tell me what are "Remove all 5 x current kexts" ? would you mind if u explain all ?


3. Oh ALC233 called 'codec' .. sorry i just knowed it


4. I attach my clover folder, so i hope you want to correct my work. 
*I have not changed anything from your recommendation, maybe you can list all of my mistake, i'm very gratefull


5. Ups sorry about quote, accept my apologize, anyway sorry for my bad english

CLOVER 3.zip

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You've posted a screenshot of your kexts and it shows this:


Do this:

  1. Remove all those FakePCIIDxxxx kexts
  2. Download Rehabman's latest FakePCIID package (I posted the link to his repository, I take you're able to download the lastest package, right?)
  3. Install the following kexts from the latest package:
    • FakePCIID
    • FakePCIID_Intel_HD_Graphics
    • FakePCIID_Intel_HDMI_Audio
    • FakePCIID_XHCIMux


ALC233 is an audio codec (coder/decoder)


For the rest, well I think you're also confused on the way in which add-on kexts should be handled:

  1. you're injecting kexts at startup through Clover: Inject Kexts parameter set to Yes in the Config.plist and you have kexts in Clover/kexts/10.12 folder
  2. you've installed same and additional kexts in /S/L/E

This is just wrong! You can do either/or but not both for the same kexts. I suggest you remove all your add-on kexts from /S/L/E, then rebuild your cache. Then, to begin with, limit yourself to kexts injection through Clover. Once you're satisfied that everything works as it should, move your add-on kexts from Clover/kexts/10.12 folder to /L/E, repair permissions and rebuild your cache. You'll then be in a mode of 100% cached kexts (which is quicker at startup) rather than in a mixed mode of cached vanilla kexts + injected add-on kexts (which is a little slower).


Bottom line is you should always know what you do and why you do it...


Once you've cleaned up the mess, your HDMI audio should work, assuming you know how to set audio output to HDMI.

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I'm got this crappy older HP Pavilion intel core i3 4130 Haswell intel hd 4400 machine here. Im using the intel graphics and for some reason i can't seem to get hdmi audio to work with my monitor. I'm using dvi to hdmi adapter because it doesn't have an hdmi nor display port.. What can i do to remedy this issue?

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Can you please clarify your use case? Is it:

1) DVI out of laptop to HDMI/DP input of external screen via DVI-to-HDMI adapter

2) HDMI out of laptop to DVI input of external screen via HDMI-to-DVI adapter


Although DVI has the ability to support audio, this only works under specific conditions and over digital DVI connectors/signals. Not sure a DVI-to-HDMI adaptor would support audio output given that only a few graphics cards/GPUs actually support audio output over DVI. You'd need to check if your laptop does so (audio over HD4400 iGPU's DVI output) but I'd tend to say that case #1 above would be a dead-end. I've only ever read about audio over DVI for nVidia and AMD discrete graphics cards.


You'd have more chance in case #2 above given that HDMI natively supports audio output. On a Haswell Hackintosh running macOS, HDMI audio requires a patch of the Azul framebuffer to inject the HDMI connector-type (0008 0000) to the relevant output port + HDAU device in ACPI. Once you've got that in place, with the correct HDMI-to-DVI connector (it's the connector that drives the potential support for audio, DVI-D required), you may obtain audio output to your external screen. But only if the screen supports audio over its DVI input...


I've personally had audio out of a DP port hooked to a TV screen via DP-to-HDMI adapter. But both types natively support audio output under macOS of course.




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