This is going to be a support/discussion topic of AppleALC on InsanelyMac. 
AppleALC is a kernel extension allowing you to enable native apple HD audio without any filesystem modifications. It dynamically injects the necessary modifications to AppleHDA (and other kexts) including the layouts, and makes your audio work starting from the OS installation.   It should be noted that AppleALC starting with version 1.1.0 requires Lilu.kext to be put in the same folder as AppleALC.kext. See this topic for more details.   For quite some time we are trying to obtain the necessary information about AppleALC codec compatibility. If you use something, please, consider checking the compatibility table (do not worry, it is in English), and report (here) on your codec. We are also looking for all the possible revisions of the codec, if we do not have the revisions listed for your codec please report as well. Thanks for understanding.    The report is meant to contain: 1. Laptop model/Motherboard model
2. Codec name
3. Layout used with the info what works for you (ideally if you try them all)
4. OS X versions you tried
5. Autogenerated Info.plist made with the help of this utility.
All the details including the source code are available on github:
Some short wiki articles explaining the usage are included.
As for now the project is relatively immature without practically any codec support. But it should be pretty easy to add more of them, I am hoping for the support of the "community"
If you have any issues, better report them on github for structural reasons.