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Hi bros! I personally find Boom 2 a great equaliser, that has helped my computer achieve full sound potential, and it also helped my low volume microphone problem.

My only complaint, which is a very little one, is that the icon is very ugly.
I have successfully changed the AppIcon, just like with any other app, but Boom2 seems to have different twist  to it than most of the apps. It seems like it stores the menubar icons that it uses in a different location than most apps do.
Normally these are revealed by right clicking the app, click Show Package Contents, then you go to /ApplicationName.app/Contents/Resources
There you can normally find active.png, inactive.png, highlight active.png and highlighted.png, which are the files the given application uses to be displayed in the Mac OSX Menu Bar.
Boom2 doesn’t work like this, and I can’t find the menubar icons that it uses, so I could replace them with better looking ones.
Where should I be looking?
I am open to trying any suggestion given!
Thanks in advance!

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EDIT: I think I found something interesting, but I am not able to open this kind of file. I am searching and I think to open these files the only way it's some Xcode procedure... I am not experienced at all on that.

These are the files


nib files.zip



I am not sure if the MenuBar Icon is there, but those seem to me the most probable files to contain it.

I will also be attaching the whole Resources folder of Boom2




I don't care what icon you change it to, can be a black circle, or whatever, but the nicest would be the InsanelyMac logo :D


Pleaaaase put the Insanely Mac logo in black without any letters hahahah I would love that





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then I suspect that the file you're searching (icns, png...) is in Asset.car file (Boom 2 -> Contents -> Resources).


google = how to extract .car file

My friend you were right! Now i am off to editing. Hopefully will release the modified version soon, with the insanely mac logo :D

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With a little bit of will and little bit of Ps skill , you get results :D I ended up putting a little star in the menubar, looks pretty damn great. 






I made it also work with El Capitan Dark Mode




Thanks for the pro tip about the Assets.car file!   :thumbsup_anim:


If anybody wants to learn how to do it or want my modified Assets car file I am available!   :jester:


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