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Nvidia 210: 1 second output through hdmi (then no audio)

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Hi, I seem to have voodoohda detecting correctly my audio devices, etc. But when I play any audio (music, video, youtube...) It correctly plays 1 second, but then it goes mute. I have the second HDMI Audio output selected.

I've been tinkering with the Audio/Midi tool, and every time I change format options, I get about 1 second audio,  less if I set it in "8 channels-24bit , enter" (let's say half a second).

I tried DSDT configuration, SSDT, toleda's solutions (I get no HDMI audio from them), HDMIAudio.kext, etc. etc.

I had it working properly with Yosemite, this seems to be happening only in El Capitan for me (I am going try and reinstall Yosemite when it downloads, to properly test).

If there is anyone with a solution or fix, I'd greatly appreciate if it's shared!


UPDATE: It turned out allowMSI was the problem. It was turned on by default in 2.8.8 and I had it off before. I don't know what it does, but it gives me proper audio output :D



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