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(Success) GA-X79S-UP5-WIFI (bios f4) +3930k running 10.10.5

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hey all,


my trusty rig, the ga-x79s-up5-wifi, has been out of commission due to BSODs. After RMA'ing the cpu, readjusting my overclocks, its passed the prime95 test for 48 hours in windows. now, its ready for some os x action.


this machine has had some hardware issues, so i haven't really worked it the last few years like i should have. although newer cpus are a bit faster, the 3930k (overclocked to a modest 4.0 ghz) is no slouch, and its working with 32gb of ram.


the gtx 480 (fermi) is an old workhorse. its showing its age for sure, but it can last me until my budget permits a gtx 980 upgrade. its also a known picky card. this method utilizes the clover uefi boot loader.


ok, so here is what i did to get this beast up and running -


change oaf setting to 'other os', not 'windows 8'


enable ahci and hot swapping in the sata sections. i personally disable the marvell controller so i cannot verify if it works or not.


turn echi/xhci both on.


create a mavericks usb, which you can do multiple ways. the best way is to follow the guide as outlined on the rampage dev site. in fact, follow the 'uefi clover method' for parts 1-10. for me personally, step 11 was only needed for mavericks, not yosemite. remember, your an x79 user, so follow the guide accordingly. also, as a gtx 480 user and a 3930k (6 core), i had to use the additional flags cpus=1 and nv_disable =1 (until voodootssync is installed and nvidia web drivers along with 'inject nvidia' clover injection and Nvidia=Yes boot flag.)




now, after installing yosemite, you'll need the above both flags to boot. install 10.10.5 combo update if you are not already on the latest os and install the security update 2015-004, the latest available one for yosemite. each one will prompt you to reboot. again, after each update, use the default bootflags suggested by the rampage dev guide, but also my additional ones.


with os x installed and both updates (10.10.5 and latest security) installed, now, from this site, get the x79 dmg.




use all the kexts except genericusbxhci.


i recommended using the clover binary patch or the patched appleusbxhci kext as outline here:



be sure to backup any kext you are modifying for saftey.



with the provided kexts from rampagedev, audio did not work for me, so i had to use a clover patch and the piker patch, found here




there also exists an apple had patcher app, which you may want to look into as it might be easier/simpler.


now for graphics, i used clover configurator to add the boot flag Nvidia=Yes and change the graphics injection area from inject intel (which is usually by default) to inject nvidia. i then installed the web drivers and rebooted.


finally, after everything is working, repair disk permissions and rebuild kext cache with kext wizard. open up clover configurator one more time and add UseKernelCache=Yes to the boot options.


and enjoy! i will update this guide to not be so scatterbrained, but i wanted to get the info out asap.




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