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New AppleHDA Patcher

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Better, I am seeing my USB audio devices again. I am including an updated IOreg, config.plist, and my dsdt pulled from Clover if that helps.
Update 1:
Ok it is now being detected after a few reboots but something is extremely wrong. What is being detected is in a different language (Hebrew?) and after a few minutes the audio will distort and deteriorate. It seems to be the exact same issue as bronxteck has described before.


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I can also confirm that v1.2 is working (again). Used it on my ALC271 and it generates the same Clover config.plist and a working aDummy.kext. Copied over and everything is fine.


Good (and fast) work, Micky  :thumbsup_anim:

can u send me files that working on your alc271x? its been 3weeks, nothing working method on my alc271x.




try this:attachicon.gif omdx.10.11.3.zip

install all files repair permissions rebuild caches.




Use mirone Manual method http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/293863-applehda-patch-requests/?p=2225109


AudioDevice detected. but no audio at all. on boot its not detected. after few minute browsing, audi detected it self in few minutes...




Here my latest file. Really need help here. Coz with Voodoo my sound always lost sync on few minute. must change midi source or use terminal code "sudo killall coreaudiod" all time to reset sound.   :wallbash:


here my latest DSDT+IOReg+CodecDump+AppleHDA-Vanilla






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My sound device is IDT92HD71B7. I see IDT92HD71B7X in the laptop list. I tried using that and my conflig.plist is patched too. I can't get the dummy kext to load from SLE. Can someone tell me if the "X" at the end means it is a different device? I sorta assumed it does not matter.


IOReg shows layout-id getting injected as 3.

I will say the AppleHDA patch in config.plist is Finding / Replacing something I cannot find in AppleHDA info.plist either as-is or after converting to decimal.


What can I do? I am using 10.13. I'm unable to attache files here for some reason


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Hello everyone

I tried to apply the guides for AppleHDA patch for my codec
(IDT 92HD99BXX - 0x111d76e5), but till now I only got the
codec show up in system preferences but no devices on input/output.

I use DSDT injection, but it seems that the codec is not
initialized - don't know if this is because of DSDT, MuteGPIO thing
or anything else.

I tried to follow the guide step by step and tried different
Nodes, LayoutIDs (12, 3) and other patches for this codec with no luck
(also AppleALC). The only semi-working thing is VoodooHDA.

I'm posting my DSDT, Clover config, linux dump and the patched files.
Can somebody have a quick look if can spot anything wrong?

Thank you very much!!









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