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USB3 Stops working in 10.11.1, works fine in 10.11

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Hi everyone,


I have a GA-Z97X-UD7 TH.


My El Capitan hackintosh upgrade went fine. 10.11 works with no issues.


When I update it to 10.11.1, my USB3 ports stop working. Devices don't initialise.


I have been checking out this guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/308325-guide-1011-full-speed-usb-series-89-keeping-vanilla-sle/


I applied Pjlams GA-Z97X-UD7 TH patch and also renamed the USB devices in my DSDT as per the above mentioned guide.


I want to see if this resolves my USB 3 issues with 10.11.1 but when I try to compile my DSDT, I get one compilation error.


I receive "Syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_ZERO"


Screenshot and disassembled file attached.


If anyone can suggest how to get past this, that would be great.


Also, does 10.11.1 need any injection? Or should these changes to my DSDT resolve USB 3 not working in 10.11.1?


Any specific clover flags I need to have along with these DSDT edits?


Thanks for any help in advance.



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Hi KyleGP.


Can you upload your stock DSDT - one without any edits or modifications....???


I'll look into it, and try to see why the Error. Only then, can I provide you a fixed DSDT...




Freaky Chokra :ninja:

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Did you get it to work yet? Did following the guide fix the problem?  I have the same motherboard.  Just the upper USB ports on the ATX panel stopped working for me.  The USB ports connected to the front of the case and the ones next to the ethernet port work fine for me.  

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