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IMac / Apple TV compatibility

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Having been advised that I could use Apple TV to view my iMacs screen on the TV I am not altogether sure or not if this is the case as I have now read somewhere that the iMac itself has to be newer than mid 2011.

Although I have updated my OSX software to El Capitan ver 10.11 my iMac itself was I believe purchased in 2008.

I have had some success in configuring Apple TV to play iTunes etc but what I really want to do is to view my photographs on the TV and ideally be able to mirror my iMac when I am editing these on a program such as Photoshop.

With this in mind I would appreciate any feedback or help to advise if -


a/ Is this going to be possible on a 2008 iMac running El Capitan 10.11 and if so -

b/ how do I go about setting this up as I cannot see Airplay in my Menu bar and am not sure how to set this up



Any help or advise much appreciated - Thanks

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