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El Capitan final won't install

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Downloaded EC from App store, created a USB installer


Go past the first step fine, (select a disk, install for a couple of minutes then reboot)


After trying to go for the second stage it won't past the Apple Logo with the bar filling up until full, waited but won't past there


Booting with -v reveals a series of errors repeating ad infinitum. The USB's led is flashing continuously, The USB drive is in good condition (or at least I thin), Never had any issues before and Clover  is correctly configured. Here is a photo of the errors. If anyone knows what's happening there I will be grateful!



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@ Derek12,


I have to commend you for your pioneering spirit and give me the encouragement to jump into the pool. I will try in the next couple of days to install El Capitan using Clover UEFI for UEFI computer and Chameleon Enoch for in my legacy computer. Let's see what my errors are in comparison with yours. With implementation of SIP and all other changes in EL Capitan, Apple has finally started undeclared war against hackintosh. If I try, I will unplugged everything just like real Mac only one system. It's not a scientific suggestion but just a hunch or hope that it may just work.  

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Well booting to the recovery partition went to the installer again, but it asked me to login into iCloud and now is downloading something (?)  I don't know what is this but I hope this fixes (because I can't boot to windows 10 either, making my computer unusable lol).

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Redone the USB installer, no more erros like the OP. So it was simply a corrupted installer as I suspected



Now I have the typical gray screen with colored spinning wheel and tried


Kext on 10.11 and other folders

Updated FakeSMC and Clover

repaired permissions

Using rootless=0 and kext-dev-mode=1

This installer doesn't have S/L/E nor L/E folders

I don' have a 16GB USB


Seems that Fakesmc won't load as I can't read it loading with -v. Anyone has an idea before I decide to abandon Hackintosh altogether?

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SIP & new USB implementations make El Capitan not friendly at all to hackintosh. I visited apple support site and found that some real Mac have problem of booting into El Capitan.

Maybe GM version still got some serious bugs that Apple must fix. Therefore, do not give up just yet. We are still early in the game and give our experts sometime to look under the hood of El Capitan.

Better guidance coming soon. I am just going to play the El Capitan in VMware for now and make USB installer after EL Capitan 3rd updates and check it out.

Meantime, I had installed and successfully upgraded El Capitan Public Beta to 10.11.6 in my old legacy computer using Clover legacy install.. Then came GM, I downloaded and update it, it does not update. It can only updated through USB installer. I intentionally did not do clean install because I want to see how it updated itself. 

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