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Recover Partition

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Hi, i just want to recover a partition using an image stored in another partition. I found the code looking around the Internet but when I execute it the Restore cancels automatically. For what I can observe, there is some kind of dialog I am suppose to accept with a yes/no. Im no expert on MAC and i really didnt get to find the right syntax for it. (Take a look to the screenshot)

Thanks in advance



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This is a basic feature in Disk Utility in the /Applications/Utilities folder.


Open Disk Utility.

Drag the dmg to the pane on the left.

Click on the dmg in the pane.

Go to the Images menu and select "Scan Image for Restore".

When done, on the right, click the Restore tab.

In the left pane, drag the target partition to the Destination field.

Click the Restore button.

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From man asr:


--noprompt   suppresses the prompt which usually occurs before target is erased.


Remember I said in Disk Utility that you should first scan the image before restoring.  If you have problems with that, you can skip the scanning but Apple does not recommend that.  Or you can add a line in your script before the restore line to scan the image first.    Again from "man asr":

--noverify     skips the verification steps normally taken to ensure that a volume has been properly restored.

imagescan     calculate checksums of the data in the provided image and store them in the image.  These checksums are used to ensure proper restores

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