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Some guidance with USB fix please (not working)...

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Running an Acer Aspire E5-771-74E7 laptop.  Intel  Core i7 5th gen with Intel HD5500.  Running Clover MBR/GPT as a MacBookAir6,2.  Attempting Capitan beta 8.


I have 4 ports: 2xUSB2 and 2xUSB3.  On Yosemite 10.10.5, both USB2 and USB3 worked vanilla. I have everything working on Capitan beta 8 except USB.  I get no power to any device when they are plugged in.  My main reason for moving to Capitan is because of the random HD5500 freezes (FakeSMC rollback didn't work).

I have read and tried to follow the main guide thread:


From reading through the thread, which is somewhat lengthy now, the general idea is to match up the port numbers based on what the DSDT is presenting.  Then there is the issue of port restrictions. 



[1] I see suggestions for both having and not having port restrictions.  Clover In MacBookAir6,2 , there are no port restrictions.  Is it "in some cases" that port restrictions are required?  I'm kinda confused here.

[2] The USB2 port names in my DSDT and AppleUSBEHCIPCI match up (EHC1).  Since there are no restrictions, do I still need to change them in the DSDT to something else?

[3] For USB3, I did try changing my DSDT XHC entries to XHC1 but that did not help.  Is there something else I need to do?
[4] In my DSDT, my port numbers are listed as follows:

        Device (SAT0)
            Name (_ADR, 0x001F0002)  // _ADR: Address
            Name (PRBI, Zero)
            Name (PRBD, Zero)
            Name (PCMD, Zero)
            Device (PRT0)
                Name (_ADR, 0xFFFF)  // _ADR: Address

            Device (PRT1)
                Name (_ADR, 0x0001FFFF)  // _ADR: Address

            Device (PRT2)
                Name (_ADR, 0x0002FFFF)  // _ADR: Address

            Device (PRT3)
                Name (_ADR, 0x0003FFFF)  // _ADR: Address



Do these seem correct?  I tried adding the entries manually to the kext without success.

I've attached informational files and screenshots for anyone who can lend a hand.  Extensions renamed to avoid blocked uploads.




rytz’s MacBook Pro.ioreg.txt








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