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GA-Z77-HD3 (sleep and shutdown issues)

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Hi all,


my system is running 10.10.5 and all is working great except for sleep (not working at all) and shutdown is not that great alsol! 


sometimes it will just hang and i have to hard shutdown/reset, or it dose shut down but all the external hard drives stay on


i know next to nothing about editing/building/making/compiling/setting up dsdt's!


i have attached a systemDSDT that i saved from MaciASL_ML and a full DarwinDumper Report in the hope that someone here could please help me make a dsdt for my system?


Pretty Please!! :)


a big thank you to all readers for your time!


all the best




System DSDT 2.zip

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try this one




good hack


Hello and Thank-you!!


this seems to be working well!


i can sleep and recover with no real problems (i get a warning on wake saying all my USB drives where unsafely removed) but they are all mounted on wake!


the system shuts down every time thus far in testing! but the external usb drives still stay powered up (not spinning just the light is on) they also stay on in sleep, when i sleep or shutdown in windows they power off,


thank you very much for the help!



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