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HDMI audio lag with gtx 970

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I have got my G5 yosemite hack (If anyone wants pictures of the untouched clean back and front) running great for a few months now. The only problem I still experience is the fact that my HDMI audio starts lagging after a few minutes and eventually ends in freezing the system. To enable the audio I have used several kext just to enable HDA audio, because I don't use the alc892. But it's needed to run HDMI audio in combination with the well known HDMI audio kext.


The problem is the graphics card, because when I use the exact same kexts and other components it runs just fine. Anyone got a solution for this maybe? I use clover as the boot loader.


Thanks in advance from sunny Holland



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Thanks for you reply. I allready tried voodoohda, but the weird thing is that the exact same problem occurs. So it has to be a hardware problem isnt it? I think I will try hdmi audio in windows and see what it does.

Any other suggestions?

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If using clover try it, it might work:

<AddHDMI_8000000 - Bolean - Yes>

<NewWay_80000000 - Bolean - Yes>

Thanks, I do use clover, but I'm not a hero with it, so I don't know where I have to put those lines. Can you clarify it?

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I managed to get the lines in clover, but no excactly, just the newway and addhdmi from cloverconfigurator, which doesnt contain the Bolean part. But no result, but whitout the hdmi kext no dp or hdmi sound. So I kept the lines there and installed the hdmi kext again. Trying to copy your lines directly into config.plist screwd up my whole installation, so... Then I thought about the problem and why it didnt occur when still using mavericks. After the problems occuring in yosemite I went back to mavericks but the sound still lagged after a while. In my first mavericks installation I used the freezefix app. Now I installed it again and the problem seems to be solved.


So I'm not sure which change solved it and if it totally solved, though I tested it for hours. If anyone is interested I would be glad to find out what fixed it.


Thanks to cumpadi anyway and sorry for my english.

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My previous posts can be regarded as useless.


After a week with troubles again, I decided to use Toleda's new SSDT HDMI sound enabling method, but still the same lag in sound, always beginning with this error in console:

Failed to connect (_consoleX) outlet from (NSApplication) to (ConsoleX): missing setter or instance variable

After that troubles begin. Any suggestions? Same error with hdmi kext method, ssdt method and even voodoohda.


I hope you know something, because I'm out of ideas.

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