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What is the best Web Browser for you, and why?

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Hello guys! I want know more about you. Today navigate in the web it's what we all do, even at work or for fun.

But for make this in the right way, we need choice a good Web Browser!


So, a little less conversation and more action.  :D


Here i use Chrome 50%, and 50% Internet Explorer (yeah it's sucks <_ at day in windows my job.>

And in my home 100% Safari in OS X.

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I use Firefox in Windows and OS X. I only use it for Flashgot add-on, which let me choose between a download manager app or built-in download when I download a file.


And the history search when I type in the address bar gives better results than Chrome.

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I use chromium http://chromium.woolyss.com/download/#mac because chrome is based off this open source project the difference being that it doesn't phone home to google like chrome does. Also if you visit the link you'll see chrome running an outdated version of chromium, while the actual chromium is up to date.

firefox because it's the fastest browser and I can easily export/import and load different user profiles and it has better plugins like downloadthemall which aren't available on chrome/chromium.


http://www.speed-battle.com/speedtest_e.php results for overall score

chrome 1335.99

firefox 1634.64

firefox nightly 1677.73

chromium 1384.34

safari 1368.56

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For me. It's safari. Simple, fast and less energy consumer than chrome

In second place, I like firefox, His team make a lot of effort to make it faster. I use only for his plugins

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The best is Safari for me

@supports (-webkit-backdrop-filter: none) or (backdrop-filter: none) {
  .modal {
    -webkit-backdrop-filter: blur(10px);
    backdrop-filter: blur(10px);
    background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5);  
  .warning {
    display: none;

need's extremely less performance as the javascript scrap ;-)

but only works @ Safari at this time

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Safari for 90% of the browsing,

Firefox when i need plugins (YT downloads and various converters),

Chrome only when i need Flash.

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Because I am web developer and web designer, so I am using most of them for testing. Sometimes I wish I could have only one :) like million years ago we had Nestcape and we all were happy :) More browsers - more troubles :)))) I will not speak about content rendering, but only from dummy users perspective. So this is my list:


Safari - 18% using for testing web pages and for business (finally we can pin tabs - what the BIG feature Apple has added hahaha). Actually I hate this browser because it has a lot of glitches, for example it stops loading website often just before uploading the content, you need to press refresh button few times to reload website, while other browsers loads these websites smoothly. It has no websites inspection tool, like other browsers and it feels that Apple just has not so much interest for that project. It shows no favicons - it is the way they create smooth design. But it is not so easy to navigate between tabs while reading tabs titles. What I hate when I use a lot of tabs in safari it hides few in one side so you need to press one time to explode that side to view that part of tabs.


Firefox - 60% my favorite browser at this time (Chrome was favorite maybe 3 or 4 years ago). I like it because it is faster than Chrome (I don't use a lot of extentions so I can't tell that it will be fast enough for you). Why I say faster, because I used Firefox and Chrome simultaneously and during long period of time (>6 months or more) I felt the difference between them while loading websites. I like tab grouping. I'm missing one feature in firefox or maybe I'm to lazy to search for plugins - to save few tab groups for later use and to sync it with firefox user, maybe someone knows how to do it. Firefox has good addons database. What I like in firefox is when you start the app with a lot of tabs from the last session it loads only the active tab and loads other tab only when you click on it it saves your CPU and HDD resources at running time.


Chrome - 18% it is not fast anymore like it was few years ago, I'm not a huge fan of Google and it is some kind of protest not to use that browser as main browser. I know that Google knows 99.999% of my habbits in the internet, but at least this information goes not directly from their browser. It is the best for a lot of tabs browsing. I like that tabs become like pinned tabs if there are a lot of them. Firefox and Safari hides tabs.


Opera - 2% only for testing, but I hope I will try it more, just for fun. It is alive after so much years in the web universe, so I respect it - even if it is based now on Chromium opensource project :)


Internet Explorer and Edge 2% - After long time of {censored} I can't look to the letter "E" sorry guys... not for me hahaha... Only for tests...


Web Tracker (runs all the time on my hack*sh) - sometimes it is better to not to use any browser at all :))) I like this app, because it is good time saver, just uploads text content without need to visit your favorite websites again and again. It tracks all content changes for you in real time. The biggest disadvantage that this app is not free.


Interesting (most for Linux, sorry Mac OS X guys)


Midori - linux browser is lineweight and main browser for Elementary OS (ubuntu redesigned distro) looks beautiful and is pretty fast

Taz Web - if you need only to load text info and images without watching youtube this browser is a killer one. Only one word to say FASTEST of all my browsers. I have Slitaz linux in my flash drive and I use this browser all the time when I boot that system!


For amateur person who just need to visit few sites a day it is no matter what modern browser to choose. They all work now better than ever before and have some features that the others don't. But at the end if you only care about web content - all developers are testing websites on all modern browsers to satisfy your needs. So no matter what you'll chose, you will never loose ;)

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I use chrome because of how well it syncs everything with my other devices.


I must admit though that I'm not a fan of how bad it is on Mac OS.

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Now my favorite web browser is Opera.


We have video pop out feature (Apple copy/paste in Safari now..), and a Battery Saver!

And all the interface is clean... that's the things that I really want in a Web browser.  :)



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Now my favorite web browser is Opera.


I was pleasantly surprised with Opera but didn't get much time to test it more.

Will do as soon as I get back home, in few days.

Opera was the only thing I used in XP days and (as a bonus) is the only browser that won't crash these days on my iPad, first generation, running iOS 5.1.1.

Just have to give it some more time on OS X.



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Safari and Firefox :


Safari with new 10.13 extensions and improvement

Firefox for sync and privacy

Tried Opera too but no faster...



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