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Fujitsu AH530/GFX (Snow Leopard 10.6.8 - Vanilla)

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Hello there,


I have another thread for installing Mountain Lion on the exactly same laptop. This laptop can go without problem up to the latest versions of Yosemite, and I think it won't have a problem with El Capiten. The reason I'm installing Snow Leopard on it it's because it has an older Arrendale i3 processor and 3GBs of RAM. As you know, that's not too much and this is just laptop that my brother uses for Facebook and stuff, and this is a very perfect solution which is faster and more secure than Windows in any case.


SPECS of the laptop:

  • Intel Core i3 370M 2.4GHz
  • 3GBs of RAM
  • ATI Mobility 4650 (550v Renamed)
  • Atheros AR9285 WiFi Card

What's working and what's not:

  • Core i3 Works with native power management via Clover
  • QE/CI works, but right now no HDMI or VGA (I don't need them so it's okay. If you need them plsh2me drivers for Mountain Lion and newer work and give you HDMI)
  • AR9285 with DSDT or kext patch
  • Audio works but with VoodooHDA for now, there is this noise and the loader app doesn't fix it, so you'll have to do it manually every time :( Will try to fix, but not a priority for me right now.
  • Bluetooth, USB and Card Reader Natively!

Installation Process

Required Things

  • Mac, Hackintosh or VM that runs OS X
  • USB with minimum 8GBs
  • Fujitsu AH530/GFX laptop :)

Installation Steps

  1. First burn the .dmg that you have downloaded onto the USB stick. This is done very easily trough Disk Utility. Make sure that you mount the dmg and restore the mounted partition onto the mounted USB partition. If you restore the main 'dmg' into the main 'usb device' it won't work!
  2. After this is done, go ahead and download the latest version of Clover pkg from their website. A simple Google search will do, I'm too lazy to link it up right now.
  3. After you install Clover on the stick, go ahead into EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.6 and copy the files from my zip below! Only that, do not copy the config yet.
  4. Install OS X (if it resets try busratio=20, if not good)
  5. After installing update to 10.6.8!
  6. Download & install kexts for graphics from here. (1068_modded_works.zip)
  8. Now go ahead and overwrite the config.plist from the zip for Clover attached on this thread. This will make sure the settings are good for your laptop and you achieve power management with Clover.
  9. Reboot, and enjoy your laptop.

NOTE: The patch below contains all the kexts that you need (FakeSMC, PS/2, etc.)! For the wifi I haven't included anything because I got the chip and changed it to my other Toshiba laptop which is my main one with Mavericks and i7. I am waiting for another AR9285 to ship, but this wi-fi card is very easy to make it work, so yeah. Google and you should make it work perfectly fine! :) I am using USB tethering from my phone right now until the chip is here.

If you really need HDMI or VGA output, I suggest asking the member that created the kexts for the 4650m. I really am not so experienced and cannot help you with that. If you have any other questions at all, please do not be shy! Ask away.

Fujitsu AH530GFX Snow Leopard.zip

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