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    • By MacWiesel
      Hi there,
      I'm using a hackintosh for quite some time and I know that FileVault is near impossible to ever be ported but encryption should be essential these times.
      What are the best options for encrypting at least the user data (if not the whole system) without losing usability?
      In my case it goes even deeper: I want to use ZFS on an second HDD, encrypt that drive and move most of my user data there. Not the whole User Folder but only /Downloads, /Documents and stuff like that.
      Options I am aware of but do not now the best way of implementing it:
      needs second user for decryption (?)
        Legacy Filevault
      considered unsafe(?)
      this would lose file versioning
        My setup: 120 GB SSD for System, 2 TB HDD for user data.
      Thank you very much for your consideration.
    • By Uptown_J
      I have come across some articles and doing my best to avoid a flame war. I am not trolling here. I love hackintoshing, custom macs, etc. I have been doing this since 2007. What I read recently from fireeye is disturbing. In case anyone is unaware, APT28 is a possible Russian cyber infiltration unit responsible for much of our enterprise data breeches.
      Before I continue, I do not nor would I never use a hackintosh in a corporate environment. I do not wear a tin foil hat on my head. I do know that fighting malware is daily occurrence on Windows PCs from my own personal experience.
      What I would like to know is if anyone has bothered to verify the tools we use for security? Let's face it. I love all of developers but an unusually high number are coming from Russia. Does that mean all Russians are bad? Not at all. Is it something that keeps me up at night? No. Do I have a cause for concern? Absolutely. I am slowly moving toward actual Apple laptops and Desktops especially after reading about the spying that is going on.
      Does that mean my own country in which I love is innocent? No way. I love my country but I know "it goes on" everywhere. I don't want to go down that road. I am merely putting this out there: Have we tested these tools for security?
    • By The_Moves
      Does anyone know when Apple will stop releasing Security Updates for OS X 10.7 (Latest 10.7.5 of course)?
      I've just setup an 2007 Macbook for a friend and 10.7 was the latest release I could put on there without hacking the OS. In my quick google searches, different terms, I couldn't find anything that pointed to a date for when OS X Lion would stop receiving security updates. The only hits were for Snow Leopard, one idiot blogger, and the WOW forum - nothing looking Apple official.
      Here is the latest security update from Apple:
    • By WhiteWitch
      Has anyone update to Security Update 2011-006 from 10.6.8 i've worked hard on my hackintosh hate to start again!