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How Sane Is This?

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You can't beat building a PC :censored2: but... in this case I want to attempt this project only if it is funcational and reliable, by which I mean I want to Photoshop/Gimp and use video editing software and so on. Part of me is thinking I should go for an Intel Mac Mini to replace the older version that I have, another part of me just went and said Go for it! I went for a Core Duo 2 6300 processor, and now I'm wondering what motherboard would you guys advise that I put it in? That is, if you know from experience it will be stable and functional with the aforementioned. :D Cheers! :tomato:

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mine is superestable suipercheap and my performance is similar to a mac pro you just cant beat it.
Thank you aberracus :) I was to buy a Mac Mini, upgrade the ram and cpu. Nice! Ultimately, the fact that you can't upgrade the Mini's 950 graphics solution (or, very much more absurdly, can't upgrade the 17"/20" iMac's graphics...) is the thing that sells me on OS X X86. Though Apple cripple their mid range hardware, I am supporting their innovations by buying Tiger while downloading the hacked DVD.

Questions (having searched):-


1. I went for the cheap 6300 Core Duo 2 because I want to budget/try overclocking (used a large chunk of budget on a Coolmaster 450 rated PSU). Is the Gigabyte board the one to go for, OC/OS X balance wise? (Asus fanboy here!). Any OC advice/links?


2. I bought a SATA Western Digital hard drive - I am told the choice of the WD, re-OS X might be a problem with some motherboards, that I should have gone for an icky Segate? Is there a motherboard that will work with the quiet WD?


3. I am unclear from my searches - which graphics card is consistantly known to work with DVI screens?


4. I see the new Minis/iMacs come with a remote - is it possible to get one working on an iHack box?


5. Did I mention that you guys totally rock?! :D:2cents:

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