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Scrambled images with Maxwell's GPUs

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Hi all,


I have recently bought a Titan X to replace my "good-old" GTX 780 in my machine.

After reading some forums posts, I was quite confident that it would work like a charm, after installing the NVIDIA web drivers.

... and this is exactly what I did.


So my current setup is the following:

- OS X 10.10.3

- NVIDIA latest web drivers (346.01.02f04)

- Latest CUDA driver (7.0.36)


Overall, it works great. No single issue when running benchmarks applications like Unigine Valley and/or Cinebench.

However, I am seeing some "scrambled images" (comparable to the one attached), mostly when browsing the web using Safari.


After having matched one webpage that showcased this issue 100% of time, I exported the page in PDF.

..and guess what: The PDF also looks scrambled when opened with Preview, but not with Adobe Reader or Gmail internal PDF reader.


So I am thinking about that Apple's rendering engine (maybe PDFKit ?) is using the hardware decoder from Maxwell's GPU, and this decoder is somehow not properly working with specific JPEG images (seems to be related to small pictures). 



My questions now are:

1. Is this common to all Maxwell's users here ?

2. Is there some way to tweak Apple's rendering engine to avoid this ?


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GTX 980 here, not having the same issue I'm afraid (or glad at least in my case)

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I have a GTX 980 too and none of these problems.


I'm available to test anything you want.

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I can confirm that I have the same problem with the same setup as OP's.


What do you mean by "same setup as OP's" ?

Do you also see scrambled pictures sometimes ?

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Don't think so. I saw some forums postings claiming that 750 also shows "scrambled images".

I personally think that Apple rendering frameworks is using some kind of hardware decoder for JPEG images, and obviously, it is not working properly on Maxwell GPUs.

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What do you mean by "same setup as OP's" ?

Do you also see scrambled pictures sometimes ?


Same setup:

- OS X 10.10.3

- NVIDIA latest web drivers (346.01.02f04)
- Latest CUDA driver (7.0.36)
And exactly the same 'scrambled' images on Safari from time to time.  :yes:

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I just want to correct my statement (after a test with a PDF provided by MinusZwei) : same problem with my 980.

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Yes, there is definitely an issue with the current webdrivers and how Yosemite uses them.


What I suspect is that Yosemite rendering engine (I would suspect a high-level one, common to both Preview and Safari... maybe PDFKit directly) is using the hardware decoder for decoding JPEG images.

-> With very special images, this brings scrambled images comparable to the ones shown in my first post.


This makes me think that the Webdriver from NVIDIA is buggy...

... but I doubt that they will help, as no Maxwell is officially certified with these drivers.



I am just wondering if macvidcards owners with real MacPros are also facing this issue...

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