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    • By Depok
      I have successfully installed Catalina but unfortunately my Ethernet not working. I have tried RealtekRTL8111-V2.2.2 because my Motherboard LAN is Realtek® GbE LAN chip (10/100/1000 Mbit).

      I also tried to install WiFi USB drive and it's working but not stable. It's connecting but after sometime net connection not working whether WiFi still connected.

      Please help me to get a stable net connection. If anyone gives me the solution then I will give you $10 as a gift. Please help me i need it badly.

      Motherboard Specification: https://www.gigabyte.com/bd/Motherboard/GA-B250M-D2V-rev-10/sp#sp
    • By kingoffright
      Dear all,
      I have a external harddisk about 500GB, I installed the clover into it and the harddisk is GPT format, below is the 3 partitions details:
      FS01: EFI - disk0s1 - fat32
      FS02: install mac  image - disk0s2 -  hfs+
      FS03: install windows 10 - disk0s3 - fat32
      I can use this external harddisk to install Mac without issue, I use below steps to install windows 10
      enter the FS03:
      cd to efi/boot/ and excuete bootx64.efi
      after pop up the windows install screen, i click next and it shows error 'A media driver your computer needs is missing...' and the installation can not go any further.
      Firstly I use ultraiso to write the windows 10 image to a flash disk and no issue to start install window 10 so the image is working fine. Since I dont know how to write
      a wiindow installation image into harddisk partition, I used winrar extra all the files into disk0s3, am I missing some steps or actually clover not support to install windows
      by partitions, apprecating any helps.
    • By Ethan Jarvis
      Here I am looking for the answer of new Mac OS Catalina features and what type of Mac will support this new Os??