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Ubuntu 15.04 Released

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We have a new version (non-LTS) of Ubuntu. See the changes.


New Unity - 7.3.2


This version is more faster, but still polluted. But is more fluid and fast.


- A configuration option to have menus displayed at all times instead of only on mouseover.

- Enable the Dash, HUD, or logout dialogs over fullscreen windows.

- Tweaks to animations for faster startup and shutdown experiences.


Compiz 0.9.12


- Fixes for various problems that occur only with the nVidia proprietary driver (mostly blank or black windows) (thanks nVidia).

- Full integrated support for the MATE desktop on a par with Gnome2 and Unity

- Refresh of the gtk-window-decorator for Gnome2 support


Ubuntu Linux Kernel 3.19


For servers we see a number of performance related improvements including network send batching and the introduction of the data centre congestion algorithm, as well as the introduction of discard support in Device Mapper raid configurations. There are also improvements to inode locking which should show benefits under heavy load. Netfilter (nftables) continues to evolve gaining facilities for package logging and dumping. A number of filesystems gained minor new features, including btrfs which improved its disk replacement in raid 5 and 6 configurations, and support for scrubbing in those. NFS gained hole punching and preallocation support. Overlayfs finally moved upstream so simplifying its provision in Ubuntu. On the networking side we see the start of routing and switch offload support, and the addition of checksum offload for Generic UDP Encapsulation. Finally we see the introduction of the cutely named foo-over-UDP support, allowing a number of other protocols to nest inside.


Boot and service management


systemd has replaced Upstart as the standard boot and service manager on all Ubuntu flavors except Touch. At the time of the 15.04 release there are no known major problems which prevent booting. The only service which does not currently start is Juju, which will be fixed in a post-release update soon; all other packaged Ubuntu services are expected to work.


Additional Drivers


Greater variety of versions of drivers available for both Nvidia and for AMD, and for Intel too.


Bonus: A new Wallpaper.



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With this distro or other testing such as Fedora..., with installation, seperated /home and / giving a nice workout such keeping setting, and data on Users, so with reinstallion and not formatting /home folder, it doesn't loose data.

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I would either like unity replaced or super optimized. oh well keep using lxde...other than that installed without a hitch for me.

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I like this version, they had improved on display driver, it has no flickering screen and with mpv and smplayer, it is able to show video preview.

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