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Help_ OS X Yosemite MacBook Air late 2010 accidental install

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Installed myhack.kext on Yosemite

(Well I didn't; a buddy did thinking he was cool)


This is a hackintosh type files.


Verbose seizes as does single user mode and attempting to boot goes to fifty and no further.


In verbose ending line. powerGatingDown


Looking for commands and options I can use in terminal to not loose my data.


Assuming I need to isolate this problem. Possibility of clover or chamoealn installed.

So startup system. Single user is not working. Only able to boot into command R. Repair competed successfully. No change. Terminal seems to be only choice. I'm assuming hackintosh files were installed.



Please help thanks.


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cd /Volumes/
ls ( list of available partitions on the system )
cd “OS X partition name”
mkdir /Backup
cp –rf /System/Library/Extensions/myhack.kext /Backup
rm –rf /System/Library/Extensions/myhack.kext ( if you want to delete this kext )

Use backup folder for your delete after you boot OS X.

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