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[HELP] Clover Boot Windows and Ubuntu


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Well , I need help for multiboot.
My situation is as follows :

P0 : SSD with Mavericks - my main system - contains EFI partition from which to boot Clover
P1 : Yosemite HD - my secondary system - the EFI on this record is blank , I start it with Clover which is installed SSD
P2 : Hd divided into four partitions containing respectively Win7 - Win8 - Transfer exFAT - Ubuntu 14 of ext4
This latest HD is in hibrid as a guide from this link https://racerrehabman.wordpress.com/2012/07/06/guide-to-installing-windows-7-windows-8-mac-os-x-lion-and-ubuntu-multi-boot/

My problem is that I can not boot Windows nor Ubuntu from Clover , if I select the Legacy GUI Clover me appear various HD (Win7, Win8, Ubuntu) but the operating system does not start , or go to black screen or remains Win logo in black and white and you stop them.

What options do I have to select on Clover , which drivers should I install ?
I have a server board that supports EFI S5520HC but is not UEFI .

If I boot to P2 from Bios i was able to boot Win7/8 using the Win8 bootloader.

Win and Ubuntu systems were installed following the guidance of Rehabman .
You help me ?
Thanks !

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For best compatibility with Clover, you should install Windows and Linux in UEFI mode onto disk P2. 


This can be done even on legacy BIOS (non UEFI) systems by installing through Clover - see post#29.


The guide you linked is more suited for Chameleon/Chimera and requires each OS to be installed in legacy mode on a hybrid MBR GPT disk.  To install UEFI Windows and Linux, a pure GPT partition scheme with protective MBR should be used  - see AIO guides post#359 to convert hybrid MBR to protective MBR.


Good Luck!

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Fusion Thanks for your support .
I have read the guide , but was not able to start Windows Ubuntu it from Clover .
I have not formatted , however, are able to set the partition PROTECTED MBR , now the doubts that I have left are the following :

- The Bootmgfw.efi and grubx64.efi are copied into the efi main hard drive or the hard disk that contains efi windows and ubuntu ?

- Windows starts, but I get an error in the bootloader

- Ubuntu goes to black screen viewing experience

- I need to activate the options du Clover? 

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It would be easiest to disconnect drives P0, P1 and reinstall Ubuntu and Windows in UEFI mode onto disk P2 ---> grubx64.efi and bootmgfw.efi will be automatically installed in the EFI partition of P2. 


After reconnecting disks P0 and P1, you should then be able to start Clover from the EFI partition of disk P0 to boot grubx64.efi in P2 ---> load ubuntu, or bootmgfw.efi ---> load Windows.


If you don't want to format and reinstall the operating systems on disk P2, you could try manually installing the Windows 8 UEFI bootloader in the EFI partition of P0.  This requires mounting P0's EFI partition in Windows and using the bcdboot command to install bootmgfw.efi and the BCD store into that partition- see @midi's post#360:

bcdboot Y:\windows /s S: /f UEFI                 #Y is the target volume where we installed windows, S is the letter we gave to the EFI when mounted with diskpart

The latest linux kernels can be directly booted by Clover if you install VBoxExt4-64.efi in /EFI/CLOVER/drivers64 so installing UEFI grub in the EFI partition is optional.  For Linux Mint 17.1, I see the screens below....


Boot Ubuntu EFI boot menu from EFI ---> runs grubx64.efi to launch Mint


Boot vmlinuz from xxxx (Ext 4 / partition name) --->  runs the linux kernel directly to launch Mint




Edit 4/21/2015: Mini Guide for Reinstalling Windows & Ubuntu on Disk P2

1.  Create multiboot Clover/Windows7/Linux/OSX installer USB and test that it boots your system - follow procedure in post#29 in @Avin7000's thread (use the same BIOS config and config.plist that works for your P0 Mavericks SSDI assume you are using Clover in legacy mode and SATA mode set to AHCI)

2.  Create a UEFI Windows 8 installer USB

3.  Temporarily disconnect your other drives (disks P0, P1)

4.  Format disk P2

5.  Install Linux and Windows in UEFI mode through Clover, booting with the install media from steps 1 & 2.  Order of install not important except Windows 8 should be installed AFTER Windows 7.



[Guide] Install Windows 8 UEFI on Legacy BIOS with Clover (and Dual boot with Yosemite)


Dual Boot Installation - Windows 8 and Windows 7 or Vista


How to dual-boot Linux Mint 17 and Windows 8 on a PC with UEFI firmware


6.  Reconnect disks P0, P1 and confirm you have entries for bootmgfw.efi and grubx64.efi in the Clover Main Menu

---> boot Windows and Ubuntu.

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Ok now,

i decided to fresh-install win 7, win 8 and Ubuntu from zero

I don't wont to touch my first hd with OSX,

can You send me a link for a guide to install only the two Windows systems and Ubuntu in UEFI mode?

All these three systems MUST BE in the same hd


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I followed this guide http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/303615-guide-install-windows-8-uefi-on-legacy-bios-with-clover-and-dual-boot-with-yosemite/

and I realized many things .


If boot from a USB key in EFI mode (like TEST CONFIG in the guide) is not detected any hard drive AHCI MODE IN THE BIOS ( NOT UEFI - my card is not UEFI )

But if i set my ports to SATA Clover see all the hd but i'm stuck at WAITING FOR ROOT DEVICE

Now...in your opinion how can I do ?

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UPDATE: nothing is working at all!

My bios/motherboard are too close and is impossible any of Your suggested solutions.

If i try to install Win 7 or 8 with the guide WIN UEFI IN LEGACY BIOS the best result is a bcd error after the start to install.

Now i go to reformatting and installing to a gpt/hibrid partition, this is my only chance,

thanx at all for the help

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Booted arch linux with no problem with clover. windows to ( windows: select efi partition not main to boot) 

Linux (manual install): boot usb key with clover so we are in uefi mode 

Disk Setup:

1st partition (type ef00) 200mb (mkfs-vfat /dev/sd?1) /boot/EFI (optional part.: bios support 1mb partition type ef02 :) )

2nd part. standard boot part. 200mb (mkfs-ext2 /dev/sd?1) /boot

3rd part.....

packages needed grub and efibootmgr.

install grub: grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=$esp --bootloader-id=grub --recheck { $esp=mount path of efi partition /boot/EFI }

generate config: grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/efi/grub2/grub.cfg

reboot.  :) ubuntu is linux right ?  

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tried everything that. I did these tests :

1. Started with usb clover and launched the installation in UEFI WIN8.1 - hangs just part of the installation of Windows
2. Started with usb clover and launched the installation in UEFI Ubuntu - crashes when trying to install the Grub partition
3. I created a usb UEFI with Rufus for Windows 8.1 - hangs just part installation

I have read different things on google and it seems that it may be the disk controller is not compatible . Unfortunately mine is a f***ign mobo from server, f***ing Intel S5520HC with some limitation on the bios.
I do not think there is another way in which to install Windows Legacy of MBR

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fusion71au: What advice do you have for setting up a simple dual-boot of El Capitan (UEFI) and Ubuntu 15.10 (UEFI) on a single SSD? Can it be done? I want to put both OSes on the SSD but then place their respective "User" and "Home" folders on separate HDDs. Have attached my current setup:


I've set Clover on the SSD's EFI partition as my default boot loader, and I essentially keep the the EFI partitions on the HDDs for backup booting (i I need it). With this configuration, Clover boots El Capitan just fine from both the SSD and HDD. And it recognizes both Ubuntu installations on the main boot screen. It just won't boot either Ubuntu system. And I don't know why, since both OSes are UEFI and all of my disks are gpt/GUID formatted. Is something wrong with my setup? Also, wondering if I would I be better off buying a second SSD for Ubuntu, rather than trying to run two separate operating systems on a single SSD. Would appreciate any help you could give me, as I've been trying for two straight weeks to get Clover to  boot Ubuntu from the ext4 partition on the SSD, to no avail. Help?


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