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    • By rusty-bits
      Command line tool that will build a working EFI folder based on the settings in the config.plist file.
      you can also copy your config.plist to the RELEASE folder and double-click OC-tool  
      this is the same as running
      ./OC-tool -uo build release from the command line  
      see the wiki for more info  
      added functionality to the -T option  (update ver 1.6pt)  

      TUI (Text based User Interface) now has limited functionality  
      kexts, drivers, tools and quirks can be toggled on or off, then by pressing g an EFI folder will be created based on what you set  
      - BOOT/BOOTx64.efi built automatically  
      - OC/OpenCore.efi build automatically
      - OC/ACPI folder built automatically from settings in ACPI/Add section of config.plist  
      - - the tool can compile .dsl to .aml on the fly if iasl is present, but I recommend compiling them to .aml yourself for the tool to move over  
      - OC/Drivers folder built automatically from settings in UEFI/Drivers section of config.plist  
      - OC/kexts folder built automatically from settings in Kernel/Add section of config.plist  
      - OC/Tools/Shell.efi built automatically from setings in Misc/Tools section of config.plist  
      - OC/vault.plist and OC/vault.sig are built automatically from the Misc/Security/RequireVault setting in config.plist  
      - can specify debug or release version of resources to be built  
      - parses plist files internally, no longer needs to call /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy which may not exist on Catalina  
      - kexts, drivers, tools and quirks can be enabled or disabled before building the EFI by using the -T option  
    • By bcuraboy3
      Good morning everyone. I have a HP Pavillion with the following specs
      I have managed to install MOjave on it, using Rehabman's config for Intel HD5500. 
      But I need some help with a DSDT for it.
      Would anyone be kind enough to have a look at the zip file, which contains the EFI folder, a IOREG, and some screenshots from DPCI Manager,
      and help me with a good DSDT patched and a correct config.plist for it?   
      Thank you very much.  Highly appreciated 
      I have also included a report from Aida64 in case anyone needs it 
      Número do equipamento
      Intel Core i7-5500U com placa gráfica Intel HD 5500 (2,4 GHz, 4 MB de cache, 2 núcleos);
      SDRAM DDR3L de 4 GB a 1600 MHz (1 x 4 GB)
      Placa de vídeo
      NVIDIA GeForce 840M (DDR3 dedicada de 2 GB) >>  disabled already using the config.plist provided 
      Disco rígido
      SATA 1 TB 5400 rpm
      Unidade multimédia
      Gravador de DVD SuperMulti
      HD BrightView com retroiluminação WLED de 39,6 cm (15,6 pol.) na diagonal (1366 x 768)
      Placa de rede
      Ethernet LAN Base-T 10/100 integrada
      Conectividade sem fio
      Combo 802.11b/g/n (1x1) e Bluetooth 4.0 (compatível com Miracast) >> It's not supported, but a DW1550 it's on it's way 
      BeatsAudio com 2 altifalantes >>  it's a ALC 290 
      Tamanho completo tipo ilha com teclado numérico
      HP Imagepad com suporte de gestos multi-toque
      Portas externas
      1 leitor de cartões multimédia SD multi-formato
      1 HDMI
      1 combinação auscultadores/microfone
      1 USB 2.0
      2 USB 3.0
      1 RJ-45
      38,45 x 26,02 x 2,39 cm
      2,27 kg
      Transformador de alimentação CA de 65 W
      Polímero de iões de lítio 4 cél. 41 Wh
      Câmara Web HP TrueVision HD (frontal) com microfone digital de matriz dupla integrado
    • By Micky1979
      A web-based Clover's config.plist editor, wrapper for kylon's CCE (Clover Cloud Editor).
      Info about CCE:
      Info about this app:
      Clover flying editor is a web browser based on WebKit (code comes from Pandora's Box), Clover Cloud Editor is a PHP project © 2016 kylon, so this app is just a wrapper, in fact you can simply load it in Safari/Opera/Firefox/IE etc. by click here .
      The app works on Lion~Sierra.
      The purpose is to promote and help kylon's project.
      Adding a download Manager for compressed file extensions (.zip, .tar.bz2 etc).
    • By L0g4n
      Hi guys,
      wanted to install OS X El Capitan on my desktop PC using the Clover bootloader.
      That worked with a slightly modified standard config.plist from TonyMacx86 guide for Yosemite with Clover.
      Just for your information, my hardware components:
      The used config.plist is appended.
      The installation worked, but when I come to my desktop after a short period of time always the screen turns black (not when I am in safe mode, but I can not mount partitions in this mode, etc.).
      Well, obviously this seems to be a GPU related problem so I tried already different things to solve this issue:
       1. In Clover configurator I added the Fake ID "0x67B01002" under devices in "ATI".
       2. Under "Graphics" I enabled "LoadVBios" and pasted my .ROM (I exported that for my video card approx. 1 week ago with GPU-Z under windows) under EFI/CLOVER/ROM in the right format (in my case 1002_67B0.rom) (also attached).
      Unfortunately, all of this measures could not solve my issue.
      Would appreciate your help, thanks!
      EDIT: I could solve that issue. For my GPU it was necessary to insert under "Graphics" in "FBName" "kBaladi" and now it works.
    • By TheIvanovization
      Hola a todos.
      Soy relativamente nuevo en esto de la configuración del clover, y es que aunque ya tengo 1 año con una OSx86 apenas hace 6 meses comencé a usar Clover y apenas estoy aprendiendo.
      El motivo de mi post es saber si existe una forma de "restaurar" o regresar al default el config.plist con el fin de iniciar desde 0 o limpiar las configuraciones del clover sin tener que reinstalar. ¿Por qué alguien querría hacer eso? Pues porque (en mi caso) le he picado a muchos botones y he activado muchas cosas con el fin de solucionar errores pero siguen sin repararse.
      Gracias por leer y si eres o no experto en el tema te agradezco que hayas entrado.
      Felices fiestas.